Welcome to MECCANOMAN,   We are now CLOSED to process orders. Our next open time will be advised here, soon.

World Wide, Min/Max orders, £15 to £500 (goods). Mid day too  We take payment by Bank Transfer, UK cheques, Paypal, or Cash when collecting orders from Dunmow Essex. We may ask for bank transfer on some high value orders.

Please note; We have Pre-war colours. E.g. Blue/Gold, Nickel, Dark Red/Green. ANDLight Red, Light Green, Dark Blue, White and the Yellow's, are usualy GOOD to MINT!  And often cheaper.... 

LOOK OUT FOR:  "Daves   "LOTS",(now up to 260, take a look!). "TREASURE" (Now two more Lucky Dip's - the lowest prices ever!!)  "Bulk Bundle Savings"  and  bargain "Used 2nd   quality"  parts! see below   

  We have now been Trading 35 years, and since opening our website, we are over whelmend, So I have to limit opening times. Thanks for your patience. Since 2022, I'm thinning my own lifetme collection.   

Some stocks, for a while, have been reduced, like Large Circulars. where they have accumluted.  (Many are are mint) Look out for them!   Don't forget  American Erector. It's compatible with Meccano, useful and afordable. Search "Erector" to find it.

We have loads of BRACED GIRDERS, MOSTLY MINT, to V.G. Take advantage from bulk Bulk purchase. 

 We have lots of  BAYKO  Buy £50 and we add £5 worth (our choice).



(Bayko 35) Corner Brick, WHITE
[Bayko 35]


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Bulk Pack 10 (£9.79)
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White (£1.09)
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1 x (M70/4) 1970-77 Meccano Set 4 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC2006) 2006 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (Bayko 40) Window, Opening, GREEN
1 x (M78/1) 1978/9, Set 1 Original Manual
1 x (MC1) Metallus 80 Page Colour Catalogue, 2011 (old picture shown
1 x (NC1) The Products Of binns Road (A General Survey) Vol 1 By Pet
1 x (MMC4) 4 Different "Mini" Meccano Catalogues, 90s/00s
1 x (MC1998) 1998 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M70/3) 1970-77 Meccano Set 3 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC1991) 1993 Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic, Treasure Chest Cover
1 x (M70/2/3/4) 1970-77 Meccano Set 2/3/4 Combined, Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MCA/C) c1990 Meccano Catalgue, Atlascraft Period.
1 x (MC1997) 1997 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/4) 1978/9, Set 4 Original Manual
1 x (M70/2) 1970-77 Meccano Set 2 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MPL7) Meccano Parts Leaflet, Colour Illustrated, 1970 Original
1 x (MC2002) 2002 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (Bayko 27) Brick, End, RED
1 x (Bayko 20) Dome, WHITE
1 x (MC2004) 2004 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (Bayko 18) Pinnacle platform, RED
1 x (MC6D) 6 Different (our choice) Full Meccano Catalgues, Metal/Plastic 1993-2008
1 x (MC1996) 1996 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/3) 1978/9, Set 3 Original Manual
1 x (MMGG7) Midlands Meccano Guid Gazette/Bullitin, Bargain Selection, 7 Diff.
1 x (M70/5) 1970-77 Meccano Set 5 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC2003) 2003 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (Bayko 4) Brick, Full, RED
1 x (Bayko 39) Brick, Side, WHITE
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