Sorry, we are now CLOSED until our next opening in November, to be anounced here. 

PLEAS READ; For 15 years we have only opened the website  roughly two days a Month. if we were open continuously we could't cope (at 75 yrs). Much of the in-betwwen time is getting orders out, updating the website, sorting new purchases and getting it in stock. Thanks for your continuing patience! you can peruse the website all the time.

When open we can take payment by Bank Transfer, UK cheque, Paypal, or Cash when collecting orders from Dunmow Essex. We may ask for a bank transfer for high value orders.  

We can take orders ANYTIME for collection at Dunmow Essex. Please email.  

Bulk Packs and Special Deals + cheap 2nd Quality available.


See number 144, a recently listed huge collection of nickel plated parts. 


We need to reduce some stock items, so have created 10 different Meccano bulk selections, with at least 50% (Some much more!)........Check them out while they are still on offer !!!  

We have aquired a large amount of American   ERECTOR. which is mosly compatible with Meccano, useful and afordable. Just search "Erector" to find it.


TREASURE-10. 2 Kilo of 1960's JUNIOR MECCANO. Wide Selection. CLICK on the image

WHAT'S THIS?  THESE ARE REAL BUMPER BUNDLES OF THE JUNIOR MECCANO SYSTEM. This popular, all plastic system, was desined for younger Meccano enthusiasts and had a degree of compatiblity with metal Mecano. It was introduced in 1965 and ran to 1993, when it was redesigned.

WHAT DO I GET?  291 parts (over 1.2 Kilo - a comprehensive range of all the parts needed to build working models. As plastic it's light, postage is not expensive sending abroad. You get far more more parts than the well known A or B sets of the time. Contents include; Axles (two sizes), pulleys, Clips, Triangles, Hooks, Nuts, Bolts (two lengths) Angle Brackets, Wheels (two types) Crank Handles, Bases, Collet Nuts, Cord, Spanner, Screwdriver, Double Angle Strips, Fishplates, and a typical manual. In addition we added many parts that are SCARCE  as they were only in larger sets. e.g. two Angle Girders (4), Bridge Girders, (2), Gears (2 different), 3 hole Triangles (6) Shoulder Spindal, Eylet and Small flanged Disc. Also compatible to, but not in Junior sets, Two sprockets and 24 caterpiller Tracks and finally a few useful bits from the later system. The Contents shown in the picture are what you will get. There may be some some colour variations.  

CONDITION; All in very good condition. No problem keeping it good condition; Just wash in warm soapy water!

SAVING ON LIST PRICE?  HUGE!!!  The total list price for individual parts, is an amazing £153.69. But we are offering a suicidal reduction, to just £39.99. while the offer lasts. 

Dont forget we can also supply a wide range of spares from the website. 

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