Welcome to MECCANOMAN,

Sorry we are CLOSED at the moment. The next OPENING is 8.00am (uk time) Sunday 10th, March, through to Monday until we are full. (you will have at least one hour notice. here).  

  Min/Max orders £15 to £500.  (goods, World Wide). 

Please note; in aditional colours, we have. Pre-war colours. E.g. Blue/Gold, Nickel, Dark Red/Green. Also, in VG condition. (Light Green/Light Red, Dark Blue and the yello's are to be mostly unused as new).   

LOOK OUT FOR:  "Daves   "LOTS", "TREASURE",   "Bulk Bundle Savings"  and  bargain "Used 2nd   quality"  parts! see below   

 We have been Trading for 35 years. since opening our website, we are overwhelmend, so we have to just open 2 days a month. Thanks for your patience.

(Since 2022, we've are thining my own, lifetme, collection. A massive Meccano oportunity)  

We can take payment by Bank Transfer, UK cheques, Paypal, or Cash when collecting orders from Dunmow Essex. We may ask for a bank transfer on some high value orders.

We have a mountaun of goodies for the website. Please be patient!  But need to reduce some stocks, which have acumulated like large circulars, which many are mint. All these and other items, are being reduced a for limited periods.Look out for them.   Don't forget  American Erector. It's compatible with Meccano, useful and afordable. Search "Erector" to find it.

We have loads of BRACED GIRDERS, MOSTLY MINT, to V.G. Take advantage from bulk Bulk purchase. 

 We have lots of  BAYKO  Buy £50 and we add £5 worth (our choice).



TREASURE-09. BRACKETS GALORE. Wide Range. CLICK on the image

WHATS THIS?  2 KILO OF SMALL - ISH BRACKETS.  OUR  Definition of a "bracket" is Zinc (two exceptions) to join other parts together. Their importance is absolute; it isn't possible to make a model without them, but you CAN build a model with only Brackets only! (With N & B's of course) with just Brackets only! See the list below and the picture for the contents.  

WHAT DO I GET?  You get a great Deal ! We will supply c1.5 Kilo to the list to follwing;  Angle Brackets (50),  Fish plates(50),  Obtuse Bks(50  Double Bks(25),  2x1 Bks(25),  2 x 2 Ang. Bks(25),  Trunnions(8), Flat Trunnions(8), Reverse 1"(8),  Reverse 1/2"(8),  Double Bent Strips(8),  Gussets(4),  L/R Flanged Bks(4 each), Girder Bks(4),   Channel Bearings(4),  (2h corners(8),   Obtuse strips(8), Bent Stepped(4, Green)   3h Corner Bks(8),   1x3x1 Das.1"(8),  1x3x1 Das(1x3x1j,  1x5x1 Das(5),  2x3x2  Das(8),  1x7x1  Das(4),  1x9x1 DAS(2),   2x5x2 Das(4), Narrow Rev Obt(20),   Narrow 1x2 Bks(10),  Girder Frames (4), 2nd Qual.)  Rod & Strip Cons(20), Rod & Strip R/Hs(10).  A Total of 409 PARTS  Treat yourself ! 

CONDITION; Majority in  good, to unused condition.  Parcels will are likely the same, but if variation will be of the same value, or better.

COLOURS. The Majority of parts will be Zink, But  the Bent Stepped Brackets is painted and Girder Frames 2nd Qual. as available. 

SAVING ON LIST PRICE?  List price is £209, Now £89,99 Well below half price !

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