We are have just CLOSED for this session and now busy catching up on the orders taken. (please be patient).

Our next OPENING for orders is Sunday 25th July.  

When open we can take payment by bank transfer, UK cheque, paypal or cash when collecting order from Dunmow Essex. We may ask for bank transfer for high value orders or certain other situations.  

We can take orders ANYTIME for collection at Dunmow Essex. Please email.  

Bulk Packs and Special Deals + cheap 2nd available.


We have huge stocks waiting to be added to the website and Dave's Lot's. This includes THREE excellent No 10 SET cabinets (One is a chest) Please email.



(MC1998) 1998 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic


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1 x (MC1) Metallus 80 Page Colour Catalogue, 2011 (old picture shown
1 x (MMC4) 4 Different "Mini" Meccano Catalogues, 90s/00s
1 x (M78/5) 1978/9, Set 5 Original Manual,
1 x (M70/3) 1970-77 Meccano Set 3 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (M70/9) 1970-79 Meccano Set 9 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC1991) 1993 Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic, Treasure Chest Cover
1 x (M70/2/3/4) 1970-77 Meccano Set 2/3/4 Combined, Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MCA/C) c1990 Meccano Catalgue, Atlascraft Period.
1 x (M/MOT6) 1998 Helicopter "Supermodel Leaflet" from 6 Combined 1 Model Motion Sets
1 x (M78/4) 1978/9, Set 4 Original Manual
1 x (M70/2) 1970-77 Meccano Set 2 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MPL7) Meccano Parts Leaflet, Colour Illustrated, 1970 Original
1 x (M70/1-6) 1970-77 Meccano Sets 1-6 Combination, Original Manuals, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC2004) 2004 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (MC6D) 6 Different (our choice) Full Meccano Catalgues, Metal/Plastic 1993-2008
1 x (MC1996) 1996 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/3) 1978/9, Set 3 Original Manual
1 x (M70/1) 1970-77 Meccano Set 1 Original Folded Model Leaflet
1 x (MMGG7) Midlands Meccano Guid Gazette/Bullitin, Bargain Selection, 7 Diff.
1 x (MC2000) 2000 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/1-4) 1978/9, Sets 1-4 Original Manuals
1 x (M70/5) 1970-77 Meccano Set 5 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC2003) 2003 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
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