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(M70/5/6) 1970-77 Meccano Set 5/6 Combined Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover


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1 x (MP2) Meccano Posters, 1990's 2 Different
1 x (M78/1-4) 1978/9, Sets 1-4 Original Manuals
1 x (MC2003) 2003 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (MC2008) 2008 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (MC1993) 1993 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/2) 1978/9, Set 2 Original Manual
1 x (MJE9) Meccano & Junior Meccano Engineer, Bagain Selection 5 Dif
1 x (M78/EM) 1978/9, Original Extra Models Sheet Issued With Sets
1 x (M70/5/6) 1970-77 Meccano Set 5/6 Combined Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC2006) 2006 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (MC1995) 1995 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/1) 1978/9, Set 1 Original Manual
1 x (MC1) Metallus 80 Page Colour Catalogue, 2011 (old picture shown
1 x (MMC4) 4 Different "Mini" Meccano Catalogues, 90s/00s
1 x (M78/5) 1978/9, Set 5 Original Manual,
1 x (M70/3) 1970-77 Meccano Set 3 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (M70/9) 1970-79 Meccano Set 9 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC1991) 1993 Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic, Treasure Chest Cover
1 x (M70/2/3/4) 1970-77 Meccano Set 2/3/4 Combined, Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MCA/C) c1990 Meccano Catalgue, Atlascraft Period.
1 x (MC1997) 1997 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M70/2) 1970-77 Meccano Set 2 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (M70/1-6) 1970-77 Meccano Sets 1-6 Combination, Original Manuals, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (M70/8) 1970-79 Meccano Set 8 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
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