Please note; We Close 2.00 noon (uk time) today! WELCOME TO MECCANOMAN

We are now OPEN for orders  for Meccano orders, through to Monday (or if we become full sooner). Note this is the last opening year.

Please note, in aditional colours we stock most original Pre-war colours. E.g. Blue/Gold, Nickel, Dark Red/Green. (Also Light  Red and Green If not in our list, please email, for availability and a quote.  

LOOK OUT FOR:  "Daves   "LOTS", "TREASURE",   "Bulk Bundle Savings"  and  bargain "Used 2nd   quality"  parts! see below   

 PLEAS READ; We have been Trading for 35 years. But since opening our website, we are overwhelmend, so we have to just open 2 days a month. Thanks for your continuing patience! you can  peruse the website all the time.

We can take payment by Bank Transfer, UK cheques, Paypal, or Cash when collecting orders from Dunmow Essex. We may ask for a bank transfer on some high value orders.  

Bulk Packs and Special Deals + cheap 2nd Quality parts are available.



We need to reduce some stock items, so have created  different Meccano bulk selections, with at least 50% off (Some much more!)........Check them out while they are still on offer !!! The majory of the stock is now from my long own collection. This is a substantial amount, but when its gone it's gone. (We are currently making some changes to some). 

  We have a large amount of American   ERECTOR. which is mostly compatible with Meccano. It's useful and afordable. Just search "Erector" to find it.

We have loads of BRACED GIRDERS, MOSTLY MINT, to V.GBuy over £50 of them and we add £5 worth of Meccano (our choice).

Dont forget, we have Loads of  BAYKO  Buy over £50 and we add £5 worth (our choice).



[LOT 0075]

Two original tins, one foe 144 nuts and bolts and one for 50 nuts and bolts. Some damage to the labels but much better than average,

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1 x (MPL7) Meccano Parts Leaflet, Colour Illustrated, 1970 Original
1 x (Bayko 40) Window, Opening, GREEN
1 x (Bayko 39) Brick, Side, RED
1 x (Bayko 38R) Window, Side, Right, GREEN
1 x (MC2002) 2002 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M70/1-6) 1970-77 Meccano Sets 1-6 Combination, Original Manuals, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (M70/8) 1970-79 Meccano Set 8 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (142b) Hardened, GREY, tyre on a 3 pulley, blue.
1 x (MC2004) 2004 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (235k) Narrow Strip, 15 Hole. new, GREEN.
1 x (MC1993) 1993 Meccano Catalgue, Metal, Treasure Chest Cover
1 x (MC6D) 6 Different (our choice) Full Meccano Catalgues, Metal/Plastic 1993-2008
1 x (MC1996) 1996 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/3) 1978/9, Set 3 Original Manual
1 x (8b) Angle Girder. 15h orig GOLD reas for age
1 x (M70/1) 1970-77 Meccano Set 1 Original Folded Model Leaflet
1 x (275b) Narrow Angle Girder, 4 Hole ZINC
1 x (MMGG7) Midlands Meccano Guid Gazette/Bullitin, Bargain Selection, 7 Diff.
1 x (Bayko 37) Crazy Paving, GREY
1 x (Bayko 35) Corner Brick, RED
1 x (MP2) Meccano Posters, 1990's 2 Different
1 x (MC2000) 2000 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/1-4) 1978/9, Sets 1-4 Original Manuals
1 x (M70/5) 1970-77 Meccano Set 5 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
1 x (MC2003) 2003 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (7) Angle Girder 49h (2) Reas. - Good. ZINC
1 x (8b) Angle Girder. 15h ZINC
1 x (MC2008) 2008 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (MC1993) 1993 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/2) 1978/9, Set 2 Original Manual
1 x (8a) Angle Girder 19h, Origi. GOLD. Reas. cond. for age.
1 x (MJE9) Meccano & Junior Meccano Engineer, Bagain Selection 5 Dif
1 x (Bayko 27) Brick, End, RED
1 x (Bayko 20) Dome, WHITE
1 x (Bayko 18) Pinnacle platform, RED
1 x (Bayko 17) Pinnacle roof, WHITE
1 x (MC1999) 1999 Full Meccano Catalgue, Metal/Plastic
1 x (M78/EM) 1978/9, Original Extra Models Sheet Issued With Sets
1 x (M70/4) 1970-77 Meccano Set 4 Original Manual, Black/Yellow Cover
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