Customer Notice; Welcome to  Meccanoman. Sorry we are CLOSED to orders while we catch up.

Future openings;-

Sunday 28th Oct. 11.00am-Midnight.

Monday 29th Oct. 7.00pm-Midnight.

Sunday 11th Nov. 1.00pm-Midnight.

Monday 12th Nov. 7.00pm-midnight.

All UK TIMES More to follow

After 30 happy years selling Meccano, I'm now slowly clearing stock and thinning my own collection, (now a big portion of our sales) So there's still a VAST amount of good Meccano for you to buy! We are are still adding to the hundreds of bulk pack bargains.

Website stock availability is continuously updated, so we can vitually always supply everything you order. If on the odd occasion we get caught out, we automatically refund you, unless there's an apropriate substitute.  

Please Note; we will hapilly take orders at ANYTIME for collection at Dunmow, or at meetings we attend. (Please see "attended meetings") Just email or post a scan of the "What's in my Cart" page showing all quantities, prices and options shown rtc.

NEW! We now take orders ANYTIME to ANYWHERE, if paid by cheques drawn on UK banks. Please email.  

Recent additions;- 

Narrow 22T Pinions, Large Axle Universal Bearings, Heavy duty stainless steel Universal Couplings just 1" long. (See part 140c). Heavy Duty M6 Screwed Rod System, Improved Cable Control System.


Please also see our Product InformationFAQs & Attended Meetings pages.

*This service is run mainly by one Meccano enthusiast (Me, Dave Taylor). We also sell at meetings and exhibitions, so I can't cope if the checkout is continuously open. Good notice is given of the next opening date  where possible..

Disposing of Meccano? to top up essentials for our customers during the winding down operation, we still sometimes buy accumulations of good quality Meccano. Please email me at with pictures and I'll respond promptly with an offer if it's suitable.


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(Bayko 1) Base (Bayko 1) Base £2.30 Buy Now
(Bayko 10) Chimney (Bayko 10) Chimney £0.62 Buy Now
(Bayko 11) Arch (Bayko 11) Arch £2.10 Buy Now
(Bayko 12) Steps (Bayko 12) Steps £0.45 Buy Now
(Bayko 15L) Pillar, 3 Brick (Bayko 15L) Pillar, 3 Brick £0.32 Buy Now
(Bayko 15M) Pillar, 2 Brick (Bayko 15M) Pillar, 2 Brick £0.78 Buy Now
(Bayko 17) Pinnacle roof (Bayko 17) Pinnacle roof £7.95 Buy Now
(Bayko 18) Pinnacle platform (Bayko 18) Pinnacle platform £6.19 Buy Now
(Bayko 19) Bay Window Cover (Bayko 19) Bay Window Cover £2.50 Buy Now
(Bayko 2) Roof, Medium (Bayko 2) Roof, Medium £3.99 Buy Now
(Bayko 20) Dome (Bayko 20) Dome £7.50 Buy Now
(Bayko 25) Curved Window (Bayko 25) Curved Window £1.25 Buy Now
(Bayko 26) Curved Bricks (Bayko 26) Curved Bricks £0.38 Buy Now
(Bayko 27) Brick, End (Bayko 27) Brick, End £0.25 Buy Now
(Bayko 28) Roof, Small (Bayko 28) Roof, Small £3.29 Buy Now
(Bayko 29) Roof End, Short (Bayko 29) Roof End, Short £0.30 Buy Now
(Bayko 3) Roof, Large (Bayko 3) Roof, Large £8.99 Buy Now
(Bayko 30) Roof, flat (Bayko 30) Roof, flat £0.95 Buy Now
(Bayko 31) Roof, Gable (Bayko 31) Roof, Gable £3.75 Buy Now
(Bayko 32) Roof End, Long (Bayko 32) Roof End, Long £0.80 Buy Now

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