Ordering from Meccanoman should be a simple and ejoyable proccess, just follow these steps and your done!

Creating An Account
Set up an account with Meccanoman by clicking
here or on the "My Account" button on the top left of the screen. No credit card information is required and you details will be kept securely on our servers.

Browsing To Find Your Item
Browse to the category you want using either the buttons, drop down menu or browse box on the left.

Searching To Find Your Item
You can also use the search box to find that item directly.

The Product Description Screen
Find your item from the list and click on it. If that item has options avaliable (colour etc) then you will be able to chose your desired option towards the bottom of this screen. Each option may have a different price listed. Now choose your quantity and click "add to cart". This will take you to the shopping cart.

The Shopping Cart
Now your item should be in the shopping Cart. If you wish to adjust the quantity of any item you may do so by entering it in the box to the right. If you wish to remove any item from the shopping cart you may do so by ticking the box on the left. To register either of these changes you must click "update cart" before proceeding.
Now you can either click "continue shopping" to return to the catalog and find more items or click "checkout" to proceed to the checkout screen.

The Checkout
In the checkout you will be asked to choose your delivery address, shipping method, payment method and finaly confirm your order.
If you are paying by check and you are UK resident you will have successfully concluded your order. Your goods will be dispatched as soon as Payment is recieved.
If you are paying by PayPal or credit card you will then be taken to our validation service.
If you are a registered paypal user you will then need to enter you PayPal email address and password to confirm the payment. (There is a 4.5% surcharge for using PayPal)
If you are not a registered Paypal user you will need to create an account using the facility provided on this PayPal page.
Having done this you will have successfully concluded your order. your goods will be dispatched as soon as possible.

If you encounter any problems please countact us.

EXTRA INFORMATION - The Checkout - In Depth
There are several stages to the checkout proccess, they are as follows:

  • Delivery Information

    Shipping Address
    - Where your item(s) are to be delivered. By default this is the address you entered when you set up you account, Click "Change Address" to change this.

    Shipping Method -
    Here you may choose from any avaliable shipping method.

    Shipping choices for UK customers

    Collection: You can collect you goods at no charge from our address (by appointment) or from one of the many exhibitions or club meetings we attend. Please be sure to specify in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

    UK Percentage Rate: Choose this to have your goods delivered to you. The charges are 10% of the total order value Plus 1, up to a maximum of 24.95.

    Shipping for international customers
    If you are an international customer you will not initially be charged for shipping, proceed with the order as normal and we will email you with the shipping costs to your location. The amount will be charged at cost plus 2.95. This amount must be paid seperately.

    Add Comments About Your Order -
    If there is any extra requirments / information you would like to give us please add it here.

    Click Continue to proceed to:

  • Payment Information

    Billing Address
    The billing address your want on your invoice.

    Payment Method -
    Please select your choice of payment method here (see below for accepted payment types). At present you can choose between two options:

    Cheque/ Money Order
    Please use the payment details at the bottom of this page. Also please include your name, address, telephone number and email address to help avoid confusion.

    PayPal (Credit Card / Debit)
    Please use this option if you wish to pay by credit card or PayPal. (There is a 4.5% surcharge for using PayPal)

    Shipping Insurance - UK Orders over 50 are insured free of charge. If you wish to insure UK orders under 50 please check the box in this section. There is a 1.50 fee for shipping insurance.

    Credits Availiable -
    If you have a discount coupon or gift voucher balance, you can use it here. (please see gift vouchers for details)

    Add Comments To Your Order -
    You can add additional comments to your order here. eg preferance for original second hand parts or new reproduction parts (Subject to availability)

    Click continue to proceed to:

  • Order Confirmation
    This gives you a chance to check through all the details you just entered, the items you are ordering and the final cost of those items (including delivery etc). If you wish to make any changes click edit in the appropriate section. If you are happy with your order please press "confirm order".

    If you have chosen to pay by cheque then your done! Your goods will be dispatched as soon as we recieve payment.

    If you have chosen to pay by credit card you will be taken to our PayPal validation service:

  • PayPal Validation
    You do not have to be a Paypal member to use this service.

    If you are not a Paypal user, just click on the "secure Checkout" button and you will be asked your credit/debit card details to proceed with the order.

    If you are a Paypal user you can click on "log in" to use a credit/debit card or any funds in your paypal account.

    When you have completed your trasaction you will be directed back to Meccanoman and your order will be complete.



We Accept The Following Payment Types Via Paypal


All Transactions Are Encypted And Proccessed Through Paypal
For your security and peace of mind.