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I'm sure you know that Hornby and Hornby-Dublo model railways were a Meccano product. As a child I never had a proper model railway. All I had was a very basic Hornby tinplate engine without tender or rails! However I have always been a serious railway enthusiast. If you asked me which was more important, Railways or Meccano, it would be like choosing between food or drink.

I was certainly aware of Hornby Railways in shop windows of the 1950s and in the Meccano Magazine. Like many of us I now indulge in what I could not have when a youngster.

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So I am not a trader in Hornby, just a collector and hope one day to build a couple of exhibition layouts. If you have any of these items I would be intersted in buying them for myself. Please contact me by telephone or email stating what you have, its condition and your asking price.

Please note I am also interested in the BAYKO building system, Dinky toy collections and any other metal constructional toys.