By Dave Taylor
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I have been a been a Meccano fan since childhood. I was born early postwar to parents who had lost everything in an almost direct "doodlebug" hit at their home in Edmonton. So they were unable to afford Meccano, but my dad, bless him MADE me some (shades of Frank Hornby?) However after a few years I got deep into genuine Meccano, spending every penny of my pocket money and eventually got near to a No10 set give or take. After a few glorious years of model building, other interests started to take over like railways, cycling, cars and girls (not necessarily in that order). Unfortunately the Meccano got sold for just £10 which even in the early 1960s was much too cheap! Some years later when I had children of my own I bought them Meccano but for the most part they were not really interested (sounds familiar?) Then after a varied and rewarding series of career moves I opened a model shop, the reasons for which are far too involved to bore you with here. Having just read the wonderful "Meccano System" book, I decided to stock Meccano. I also resolved to put a collection together for myself and take up the hobby, which had given me so much pleasure as a child.

I closed the shop in 1991 but have continued with the hobby and at the same time started to supply the Meccano fraternity with new and second hand Meccano. I am still a keen model builder and I collect all metal construction systems. You will find quite a few articles written by me plus many of my models in the splendid "Constructor Quarterly" magazine. I have also been seen on "Cravens Collectables" (Anglia TV) and "Collectors lot" (channel 4) with part of my collection. However nothing gives me more pleasure than sorting through a large box of Meccano never quite knowing what treasures lay within!